Windows 2.4.6 Install Error

I upgraded Local this morning, while updating I got a blue screen (the first in months and months of using Windows 10) and the laptop rebooted. I now get the following error messages when I try to start local:

“Unable to start the VM C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe startvm local-by-flywheel --type headless failed:”

“VBoxManage.exe: error The virtual mcahine ‘local-by-flywheel’ has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code (0x1). More details available in… VBoxHardening.log”

“VBoxManage.exe: error: Details: code E_FAIL (0x80004005), component MachineWrap interface IMachine”

“Uh-oh! We ran into a hiccup when trying to start the Local Machine”

“Details: 00:15:28:879387 Console: Machine state changed to ‘Saved’”

This is not the first time Local has failed after updating - you guys need to sort out your Windows release testing. I had stupidly assumed Local would create a System Restore point for me during the install, now I’m going to have to spend a load of time trying to sort this out. I will not be updating again in a hurry.

I’ve downgraded to 2.4.5