[Windows] [Bitdefender] This site can’t be reached: ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I’m always losing Local connection within 5 minutes of launch.
Error Msg
This site can’t be reached
my-digital-partner.local’s server IP address could not be found.
Search Google for digital partner local admin

Hi Al,

Sorry about that!

Are you on Windows? If so, are you running Bitdefender?

Running both: Windows 8.1 and Bitdefender

In that case, open up Bitdefender and disable the “Scan Hosts File” option. It may be in the “Advanced” section.

I believe you can re-enable it once Local makes the necessary changes.

You’re right. It was a BitDefender issue all along.

Since disabling “Scan Hosts File” option in BitDefender, everything is working great.

Many thanks.


To disable Scan hosts files, you can see how here.

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Based on the FAQ:

odds are the hosts file on your device isn’t properly updating.

What is happening is that BitDefender comments all added lines by Local. So it is working for “some time” until BitDefender scans it once again, finds new hosts and comment them again. It usually happens every 30-45 minutes.

Got it. I made a note about it commenting out the lines :slight_smile: