Won´t start local machine

Brand new PC. Downloaded Local by Flywheel.

1st time installing it gave error with a ‘known bug’ in VirtualBox telling me to upgrade it to 5.0.12. I was already on 5.2!

2nd & 3rd tries to install gives error 'Unable to verify Docker Daemon is listenining Maximum number retries (10) exceeded.

I downloaded program again and tried again, but no different

Unfortunately, it seems that this support forum is not supported by Flywheel and there appears to be many problems with the program. It is a great shame as I ran it on my mac with no problems and it is a great program if you can get it working!

I realise this is a free program, but if there are so many problems and it is not supported at all, it does not bode well for upgrading to the pro version!