Uh-oh we ran into a hiccup when trying to start the local machine

local-by-flywheel.log (40.9 KB)

Logs attached. 3 errors on launch


We have a large company and any computer I try to install this on receives the same errors. Nothing is being blocked by the anti-virus. Any suggestions?

Hey @FiveNines, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

You’re on the right track in thinking that it might be related to Antivirus. Basically, something is preventing Local from working with VirtualBox, and in particular the Virtual Machine.

Since these are computers owned by the company, are there any security settings that they are enforcing that would prevent VirtualBox from working? This may be anything from restricting the VirtualMachine from using the CPU, to preventing it from creating new network interfaces.

The Logs do mention taking a look at the VBoxHardening.log, which looks like it’s located here:


Can you attach that log to this post so we can take a closer look?