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Wordpress does not recognise username and password after staging import

Hi All,

I’ve setup a local wordpress site and had things running smoothly. I have a staging site on my host (bluehost) where I saved a zip file of all files to move them to my local site, I used the All in One Migration plugin from wordpress.

I went to import the files which was successful, then it had me navigate to my permalinks page to hit save.

Upon doing so, it brought me back to my admin login for my local site. I entered my username and password and it errored out telling me that username isn’t recognized.

I went back to the Local desktop app and tried to click on Admin but it told me my username isn’t recognized.

I am on Mac.

Any guidance/ideas would be useful.



Hi @dev15

Are you needing to reset the login for the Admin? If so this should help:

If you’re having trouble with something different let us know!