Site Installation Failures

Hi, I’m trying to add a new site and have tried several times but it keeps saying that the Wordpress install is a failure. The log is attached. local-lightning.log (26.2 KB)

Hey @EmmaVeritas, welcome to the Local Community forums!

This is definitely odd! Can you clarify a bit about what is going on? Is the error showing when you try to create a new, blank WordPress site, or when importing an existing site?

What version of Local is installed?

If you are importing a site, do you know what version of WordPress is installed? If it’s a site that has a very old version of WordPress installed, you might try manually importing the files and database, since Local uses WP-CLI to import the site, which requires at least WordPress 3.7 in order to work.

Let us know a bit more about what’s going on and where you are seeing that error and we should be able to give you a general direction to work through!

Hi Ben,

It’s when I try to create a new one. Both when I try to connect it to my current, live WP site and just creating a fresh blank one. I just installed Local today so it’s the most updated version.

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