Work in local on 2 laptop


I work in local on 2 laptop .
at home in my macbook & at work on windows.

can I work in the same local (wordpress sites) in 2 laptops?
& how I can do that?

If you can help me, could you please explain clearly the way.
thank you in advance

Hi @soumaya,

Right now the easiest way to do this is to use the export and import functionality in Local. You can export a site from Local by right-clicking on the site in Local’s sidebar and then going to “Export…”

I would recommend choosing Dropbox, Google Drive, or something similar as the destination that way the exported archive is available on your other devices.

Then, on your other device you can import the exported archive simply by dragging and dropping it onto Local’s main window. Note, this will create a new site every time.

One other option is to use the new Connect to Flywheel functionality. You can have a Local site on both your Mac and PC connected to one Flywheel site which will allow you to use the pushing/pulling functionality to keep them all in sync.