WP Admin opens in new browser window

Whenever I click the [WP Admin] button it opens in a browser I already have open - like my email - it would be helpful if it opened in a new instance of the browser. I have to take the extra step of moving the tab with WP Admin to a new window. I know - not complicated - but it’s a series of extra clicks I don’t need to be doing. It’s the little things that are the most annoying somethings - depending on one’s mood.

Hi @privateer_nh - thanks for the feature request! We can chat with the development team. In the meantime, this thread will be great if others want to upvote.

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@privateer_nh @austinwendt

I think this can be accomplished in different ways depending on which platform and browser you are using. As an example I’m using Safari 17 on macOS and the new Profiles settings. I have setup several Profiles for different web usage and then I’m using the Open Links With Profile settings. So when I click the WP Admin button in the Local app a new Safari browser window is opened with my Websites profile. I can then use different Safari profiles to browse the Local website as a normal user and as the admin in different windows at the same time. Please see the enclosed screenshots.