WP-CLI wp search-replace results in 0 replacements


After using the Local 5.5.x I found that the following wp-cli command did not work anymore.

wp search-replace ‘oldurl’ ‘newurl’ --skip-columns=guid

The cli command is clearly stated in the wp documentation:

Now after some days running against this problem i found that using the command without the quotes is doing its job. so using:
wp search-replace oldurl newurl --skip-columns=guid
making me able to edit the database.

Any anyone else having the same experience and does anyone knows why this issue arises. Maybe an wp-cli version issue? or bad documentation?

I am using local 5.5.2 with WP-CLI version 2.5.0


It seams to work with double quotes aswell.

I’ve always used double quotes in my search/replaces, no matter which platform or system I’m on. I don’t have a solid reason of why I use it but I felt like it’s better for escaping?
Just speculation because I don’t know much about PHP or how wp-cli search/replace specifically treats quotes at runtime.