403 forbidden errors in Wordpress Admin "Edit Page/Post"

Hi there,

I’ve suddenly got an issue with local where if I try to edit a page within my local wordpress installation, I get a loop of 403 forbidden errors these fall into two console log errors:

Failed to load resource:

And the api-fetch.min.js file.

What is even stranger is the fact that it was working absolutely fine all morning and then it suddenly stopped and it’s now behaving like this. It only appears to be when editing a page or a post - if I got into settings, advanced custom fields, view the front-end or similar than it doesn’t give this error. I haven’t changed anything in my bespoke theme, haven’t installed any new plugins, or anything like that. All I’ve been doing is working on developing a page template’s php file and a custom stylesheet file, and that’s it.

Any idea what might be causing this kind of error? It’s putting a hold on a time-sensitive project.

Thank you.

Also, I just checked and noticed that it appears to be fine in Firefox but not in Chrome which is my main browser. I will check and see if any extensions are causing an issue.

Welp, wasn’t an extension but for some reason the site was referring to http rather than https in Chrome and that was causing the issue. I saved the site URL again and it started to acknowledge https again. All appears to be okay now! Very odd though.

Thanks for, uh, reading, I guess? All’s well that ends well. :man_shrugging:

Hey @mattrosebcc - I’m glad you were able to get this resolved! Thank you for coming back to share your details and fix for others to find. Happy Developing :slight_smile:

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