403 forbidden when trying to view site

I’ve searched and it seems there are no workable solutions posted. Can someone please help me?

Hey @newbietowp, welcome to the forums!

  • What version of Local are you using?
  • What Operating System and OS version is being used?
  • Can you please provide your Local Log? See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:
  • Does this happen for all sites in Local, or just one?
  • Are you able to create a new, plain WordPress site?

Let us know a bit more by answering the above questions and we should be able to point you in the right direction!


I am having the same issue. local-lightning.log (18.2 KB)

Please Help

Hey @slo44jdssf3, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

I took a look at the Local log and I’m seeing this line:

{"thread":"main","class":"HostsFileService","error":{},"stdout":{},"stderr":{},"exitCode":{},"level":"error","message":"Could not update hosts.","timestamp":"2020-09-17T23:44:17.556Z"}

The specific message of

Could not update hosts.

makes me think that something like an antivirus software or some other security setting is preventing Local from completely registering a new site with the computer. I would recommend temporarily deactivating any antivirus and try re-creating the site to see if that creates a new site for you.

If that doesn’t work, can you take a screenshot of the 403 error you are seeing as well as include a new version of the Local log?

I am having this error message. I am using v5.7.4+4876

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