405 Errors Uploading to Media Library

I’m unable to upload images to the Media Library on any of my Local sites.
The error message changes, but the predominant message is as follows:

Post-processing of the image failed likely because the server is busy or does not have enough resources. Uploading a smaller image may help. Suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels.

I’m running:

  • MacOS Catalina
  • Local 5.7.4.+4876
  • Nginx
  • 300MB set as the max file upload size.

In my error log I see the following:

2020/09/11 09:17:53 [crit] 4803#0: *179 open() "/{...}/Library/Application Support/Local/run/router/nginx/client_body_temp/0000000015" failed (13: Permission denied), client: ::1, server: test.local, request: "POST /wp-admin/async-upload.php HTTP/1.1", host: "test.local", referrer: "http://test.local/wp-admin/upload.php"

It’s complaining about access to the client_body_temp directory.

These are the permissions on the directory.

Any help would be appreciated.

I solved this by adding my user to the client_body_temp directory. And the Red icon went away and I was able to continue on with life :slight_smile:

How did you add your user?

I’m not able to upload files. I have also checked the error.log file and the “client_body_temp” folder to see if it was non-writable, but they were both “read & write”. I don’t have the red icons on my folders either.

Any suggestion besides adding userto the client_body_temp dir?

Kind regards

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