HTTP-error uploading large image

When uploading an image of 1920 x 1080px to the media library, I receive a HTTP-error message and WP is canceling the upload.

I adjusted the image dimensions in ‘Media settings’ to 2000x1500px, but doesn’t get the job done.
Any suggestions (other than ‘use smaller images’) are welcome :slight_smile:

WP: 4.7.2
PHP: 5.2.4
MySQL: 5.5.49
Local: 1.4.1
OSX 10.12.3

Sorry for the trouble!

Are you using nginx or Apache for this site?

Hi Clay,

No trouble, life could be worse. I’ve set it up with Apache.


ps: Just tested with nginx, and upload errors are gone

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Just finished migration of the site to MAMP. MAMP is configured with Apache too, but doesn’t have the upload problem…

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We’ve made note of the issue with Apache and we’ll make sure it’s addressed in a future update. Thanks for the report!

For now, I recommend just using nginx.

Hey Clay,

I’m actually getting this error on nginx as well. Any idea what would cause this?


Does this happen with any file type or only images?

What’s the fix for this? Constantly happens with this setup:


This seems to be connected to this error:

Faster Docker Volumes is causing problems, and wasting a lot of time.

Hi @backtofront,

2.2.0 (pre-release) is now available and introduces FDVv2. Please let us know if it resolves this issue.