5.0.7 doesn't seem to fix the major bugs in 5.0.6

A lot of the major bugs reported with 5.0.6 don’t seem resolved in 5.0.7 :frowning:

3 weeks and this is the changelog? 5.0.7 (Beta)

I’m again rolling back to 5.0.5 so I can get work done… heck thinking about going back to v3 at this point.

Ignoring the bugs, is there a proper roadmap for v5? When is PHP version support coming?


More communication is always better than no communication. Even if it’s referring back to another post saying it’s coming.

I think we were all expecting the Sequel Pro issues to be fixed.


Yes, at minimum the Sequel Pro connection and DB import issues. I don’t see how it’s even usable “as-is” for most devs. It’s definitely going backwards in usability, not forward.

Not even the trivial cosmetics got fixed, like not respecting the MacOS dark mode setting when set to auto.

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@jb510 - thanks for checking out 5.0.7
For me the Sequel Pro issue is also what is keeping me on 5.0.5 right now and as it is not fixed i will keep chilling on 5.0.5

Actually 5.0.5 is quite fine for me right now to get things done, so I am not bothered too much.
But me too would have hoped that this would be part of the changelog.
Hope that is not an indicator, that the problem about Sequel Pro is more difficult than just a small regression.