5.2.1+2165 Latest slow to load pages "waiting on domain.local" and then once it receives it loads... after 30+ seconds of delays on Mac OS X Catalina

Most of the info is in the description, but I just updated to the latest version on a local environment I had set up previously and it takes somewhere between 20-40 seconds to get past the ‘waiting on…’ status going from page to page.

I’m on OS X Catalina 10.15.2.

Web server: Nginx
PHP: 7.3.5
DB: MySQL 8.0.16
WP: 5.3.2
Multisite: no
SSL: set to trust

Doesn’t work on http: or https: results are slow on both locally and in the admin.

We’re talking a minute or two between page loads most of the time, and then once it receives a response from the server, pages load in less than 1 second.

Not sure what could be going on, but this is the only site I have active and on.

Seems weird that my remote staging server would be faster loading pages than the local environment in the admin wouldn’t it?

I should add, I’ve gone through the upgrade process from local by flywheel to Local Lightning and this site had been working previously. (I’ve got virtualbox installed and have granted full disk access)

Hey just wanted to bump this–any one else having issues with speed on the latest Local Lightning on OSX Catalina?

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