5.2.3+2248 Exported site from 3.3.0 can't install half of plugins and cant load most images

I exported one site from LBF 3.3.0. Dragged zip into Local 5.2.3 and more than half of the plugins were “deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.”

Also, about 80% of image files are missing, although they appear as placeholder icons in the Media Library.

Also, the address for the site is strange:

The site works fine in LBF 3.3.0.


Hi Jeff,

The site address might explain why you’re having trouble with the images and plugins. If it’s not the same as it was in 3.3.0, then your site may not be able to find them – even if they’re sitting right there in the folders.

The first thing I would try would be to go to Settings > Advanced and check the Router mode. If it’s “localhost” try changing it to “Site Domains.”

You’ll then get a warning in Local that the domain in Local doesn’t match the URL in the site (or something to that effect). Go ahead and let Local make the change for you and (hopefully) you’ll be back to normal. You might have to reactivate some of your plugins, but the images should be there.

If that fails, the next thing I would try would be to repeat the import process making sure ahead of time that the Router Mode is “Site Domains.”

The third thing you could try are the two alternative import methods I suggested here.

Thanks for that info.
I set Router Mode to Site Domains and re-imported.
It looks like there is a port conflict. I didn’t notice that before, as the background of the error message is light red and not very noticable.

Why are so many of us getting a port conflict?

Not sure about the port conflict. For one user it was because he was also running Laravel.

Do you have any other web-hosting or VM software running? Firewalls?

It might also help to know if this problem is occurring on a particular OS.

I just spent 2 hours rebooting with and without extensions and firewalls. Even with everything disabled and no other apps running, the port conflict still exists when trying to start a site imported from LBF.

I need to get to work again, so moving back to my own localhost. I’ll check back in a week to see where Local 5 is at.

MacOS Mojave

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Okay, so the port conflict was occuring because I had my own Apache running (locally.) Stopped it and no more port conflict.

This seems like an obvious conflict for developers. Maybe make it an important note somewhere. In fact, if there is no way to get around it other than killing your own local webserver, it would be nice if the Local app could detect another webserver already running and pop up a useful alert, instead of just “A port conflict exists…”


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