502 & site cannot be reached

So I installed local by flywheel for windows and it seemed to work fine.
After rebooting my machine and turn a site on, I just seem to get 502 errors or site cannot be reached.

In addition to this, after spending some time messing about with the VM rebooting it and shutting it down and starting again, when i create a new site, the domain doesn’t seem to want to resolve and shows me a completely different local site.

Anyone get this and know what is going wrong here?

Same issue here with a Mac version. I rebooted with no success, always same error : “This site can’t be reached”.

Please, How can I fix this ?

You might try taking a look here and seeing if it helps.

Timeouts during nginx xdebug session

I’m setup with Apache.

Look at the issue. There are instructions on increasing Apache’s timeout too.

It’s working now.

Thank you.