503 Service Unavailable after update

Cannot access my WordPress admin panel after updating Local to the latest version.

It happens on all of my Local sites now. They all worked before.

Since the update I created a new site with the default settings and when I click on the open site button in Local the site loads however when I click the WP Admin button I get a 503 Service Unavailable error in the browser.

I updated to the latest version of local and this started to happen so I downgraded to my last workiong version of 6.7.0 and its still gives me the 503 error.

I am working on a Mac with OS 10.14.6 Mojave

I have attached the Local log if it helps.
local-lightning.log (120.1 KB)

Hi @Jaycreate69

Is your One Click Admin enabled or disabled? If it’s disabled and you toggle that on are you able to get in?

Hi @Nick-B,

Thanks for responding to my question. The One Click Admin doesn’t seem to work either. I have attached a .gif file to show you what happens when I click it. It doesn’t give me a user option in the ‘Select Admin’ dropdown box. So obviously I cannot get into the admin panel that way either I’m afraid.


Kind regards

Hey @Jaycreate69

If you change your PHP version to 7.3.5 does it work?

Hi @Nick-B,

Thanks for your suggestion. It worked a treat. I can now access my dashboard fine in my browser and I get no errors.

Many thanks

Glad to hear it! I believe the issue is with your OS version reaching its end of life. While you’ll still be able to use Local with older versions of PHP, until you update to a more recent OS you won’t be able to access the latest PHP releases. You can read about our minimum requirements here:

To see a breakdown of macOS EOL you can check here:

Hmm that’s just typical as I cannot upgrade my OS as some of my other apps will not work so I guess I’ll just have to wait until I can upgrade.

Thanks again Nick

No problem @Jaycreate69! As mentioned you’ll still be able to use Local it’s just that certain newer features may be inaccessible. Happy Developing :green_heart:

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