504 Timeouts When Using Live Links

After getting live links to work with a new install of Local (just a quick test to see how/if Live Links worked, for future reference), I attempted to open a Live Link for actual use today to find that I would eventually met with a 504 gateway timeout. It did ask for a username and password first, which I provided, and it didn’t ask for that info again. Outside of regular use, I’ve only ever modified my install of Local by adding a couple add-ons to it (cloud backups, instant reload). I’ve also attempted to spin up a new site and start a Live Link that way, but this saw the same issue.

I’m running Local 8.1.0 on an M2 Mac mini running Sonoma. I can provide more information on request, but as far as more info off the bat I’m afraid the above is all I’ve got. Thanks in advance.

Hi @arosenquist

Does it give you the same type of error if you open it in a different browser?

If you have a VPN does it make a difference if it’s enabled/disabled?

What type of network are you utilizing? Home, office etc?

Do you have other sites or programs running simultaneously?

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