A site with WP6.3 with 2023 theme does not look right in Local

I updated my live site to WP6.3 with twenty twenty-three theme 1.2, and imported into Local.
When I open the site in Local, the navigation block configured as an overlay menu stays exploded and not working as an overlay. I’ve tried changing “overlay” setting of the navigation, deleting the navigation and reinserting, so on and so forth, but it doesn’t seem to change the outcome.

Is this a WP and 2023 theme issue, or a Local issue?
Things look fine in my live site, even though the widths of separator blocks changed when I updated from WP6.2 to 6.3, and I had to reset them manually. So far that was the only issue in my live site.

I appreciate if someone could offer some insight on this issue.

System Details

Local 7.1.2+6410 running on Win 10 22H2.

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Hi @kenguiche

It seems you might be running into a bug that we’ve been tracking over here:


I’ll merge your thread over there. Feel free to comment or check the others for workarounds! We’ll be taking a further look into this.

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