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About Header and Footer builder

I’m using latest version of LocalWP, v.6.1.1, on windows 10 machine.
All is OK, but when I whant to copy my WP site to hosting WP dashboatrd, In the hosting dashboard I can’t find Header Builder and Footer Builder, instead of just Header and Footer, that is not the same.
WP vesrion on hosting server also 6.1.1.

Hi @Arthur-BV

So the site works normally in Local but then you migrated it to your host and now you’re not seeing the same settings available?

How did you move the Local site to your host? Have you contacted your hosting support yet to see if they can take a look?

Would you also be able to share some screenshots of what you’re seeing on your Local site and your hosted site? Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

Hi @Nick-B,

problem is in the customization part.
i can’t see same menu items.
i just whant to create same page manually.
i want to use same header&footer builder as in local version.

Hi @Arthur-BV -

In this case, it might be helpful to see a screenshot to help you solve this issue.

Are you able to provide a screenshot of what you see on your Local site versus your hosted site?

Thank you!


Sure see attached files.
Files names describes from where it was taken :slight_smile:


Small sized file is:inside-footer-menu-from-hosting-wp

@Arthur-BV Are the theme versions and the license status the same on both environments? I don’t have direct experience with Astra, but I’m wondering whether the different functionality is because the hosted environment is not being recognized as having a valid license. Is the Astra Pro plugin installed and active on the hosted environment (see here: How to Activate the Astra Pro License on a Website?).

@burt what do you mean license status?

in both place, same version of WP and same version of Astra plugin. I’m using not pro version.

Thank you to All.

I have already found from where I need to enable that feature !!!