Access from a different computer

If I use Local to make a new site, firstly on my own computer, then it’s transferred to a web server, can any computer (authorised by all necessary passwords etc.) then access the site to make changes? I want this to be possible, but if so, it would seem that the version on my personal computer would not be updated? So if I wanted to make changes, I would need to either work directly on the web server version or download it to my computer to work on, then upload it back again. Does all this make sense?

@allegro I think I understand what you are asking. Everyone has a different workflow for WordPress development. In general any changes you make on you development site locally will likely need to be pushed to your live site; and vice versa. Content changes such as posts and pages are going to be database related, which is something else to keep in mind. Hosting providers have different ways to help with these workflow challenges.

If you host your WordPress site with Flywheel, you can use the Connect with Local feature to help with the workflow you just described:

and if you host your site somewhere else, you can use a plugin like WP Synchro to push or pull the site.