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Can i edit in local from 2 different computers with windows OS?

Good day,
i am creating my first website with localwp. Another friend of mine is helping me editing from a different place with a different computer. i have to be online in order to let my friend work on the web site through a live link.

my question is if there is a possibility that my friend can work on the web site even if i am offline and if so is there any issue in updating the version of the website between the 2 computers?

thank you to all that take time to support me

Hi @alepd79

We are working on ways to make it easier for collaboration in Local, but right now there isn’t a simple way for two people on separate machines to work on the same site simultaneously.

You could export the site into a zip, and pass it back and forth as you make changes/updates or you could create a Demo site that you would then push the updates to. Then the other person can pull the Demo site down if they need to work on it and push their changes back up. Flywheel currently has free 14-day demos for example: Demo Site

We also have a Cloud Backups feature within Local you could use to back up the site and then pull it down on your other machine, but your other user would have to be logged in and connected to your account to access it. Cloud Backups - Local