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Hi, I would like to know if it’s possible to view my local site (built using wordpress and elementor) by using just a browser like Chrome.
What I mean is without having to start up local.
Now I have created a site several years ago (not using Local) but for the life of me I can’t remember how. If it helps the address (in Chrome) to open this older site looks like this: (file:///D:/Documents/NEW%20WEB%20SITE/old_site/index.htm) and I can access my old site by just clicking on the Chrome symbol labeled index.htm link (type Chrome HTML Document.
I hope someone can help me out.

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Hello @George1 -

In order to access your Local site, the Local app will need to be open.

You can use the Live Links feature to access the site, but Local will still need to be open.

Let me know if this helps,


Hello again, just a follow up. Would I still have to run local even if I convert my site to html?

Hello @George1 -

Do you mean if you make your website live with a hosting company?


No. I want to be able to open and (just view) my local site without having to turn on any other program.
The example I gave (file:///D:/Documents/NEW%20WEB%20SITE/old_site/index.htm) is just a browser link that I have on my desktop and I just double click and it opens up my (old) site without having to turn on anything else.
I understand that if I need to add or change anything on my local site I’ll have to start up local. It’s just for my wife to be able to open it up without having to turn anything else on.
I am hoping to be able to do this with the new and improved local site.

Hi @George1

If you convert the site to HTML you should be able to save it to your machine and be able to open it how you want. This is not really the purpose of Local which is designed to be able to develop WordPress websites efficiently within the app itself.

As Sam mentioned the closest thing to this would be using our Live Links feature. For this to work however, Local has to be up and running and your machine on. Then you can share the Live Link with your wife or anyone else to be able to view the site.

Yes Local has helped a lot with creating my new site. It has made life a lot easier and I thank you guys very much.
I also like to thank you for taking the time. I will try and see how I can convert the site to HTML so my wife could visit with just a double click.
Again thank you for your time.

Sounds good @George1! Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile: