Accidental password change + old email = no access

Issue Summary

WP password was accidentally changed to the default mega character string. The email address is old (domain retired) so I have no access.

Troubleshooting Questions

Used Sequal Pro to change the (wp-users) password and email tables, (I should have just copied the mega password and tried that, but I read I could just change them.)

But WP will not take the new password and I never receive an email from WP to change the password. So, for whatever reason, my changes are not adapted by WP. I also tried Sequel Ace and the change info is there, so, I guess it’s in the database but WP won’t take it.

So, that’s where I’m stuck. Please advise.

Hopefully the new version, Local Lightning has fixed this, Local 3.2.1 would NOT allow an email change after the server was set up. I tried several times on different sites but never once did I get an email to confirm the change. So, unfortunately, this issue kept me from easily changing my email and getting the change confirmation. So, hope that was addressed.

System Details

Local by Flywheel 3.2.1

Mac Pro Late 2013, Mojave

  • Attach the Local Log - is Linked

Thank you!

If you’re trying to update a password in a Local site, emails are typically captured by Mailhog, and not sent to your real address. You can find a link to open Mailhog (in your browser) in the Utilities tab for the site. Hope that helps!

LOL! That was easy! Burt, thank you, thank you!

Good to hear that you’re back on track.

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