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I have created a new website in Local, and forgot to change the admin email address to my own. When I try to change this in WP General settings, it tells me an email will be sent to my new address. I am using Blocksy theme companion and that tells me an activation key has been sent to my admin email address which is the dummy one.

Am I screwed and will have to delete site and start again, or is the a way of finding these emails?

Many thanks for any help

Are you trying to change this on the local version or did you make the site live or move to a staging/dev environment and need to make that change?

Local comes with Mailhog that captures all emails from the WordPress site. You can get an idea for how to use it when resetting the password for your user within Local:

But if you are just wanting to replace the dev email with your own within this Local site, you can do that using the “Open Site Shell” and wp-cli:

wp user list          # to get the user id
wp user update 1 --user_email=''
wp user list.         # to verify that everything worked

Here’s what that looks like on my machine:

Note that this is only doing this change on the Local site, so whatever email Blocksy has, it might not be updated, you’ll likely need to reach out to them to figure out what they require.

Many thanks for prompt reply. That worked great - many thanks

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