Reset password

I can’t change my password. I am not receiving an email from the local software, although it is the correct email address that I am using to reset. I need your help,
thank you.

when I am departing to enter the Worpress dashboard.
As I forgot my password,
I ask for a reset, my email is correct and yet.
I do not receive a reset email. How to do ?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

Hey @BALSE – Since Local is a development tool for working with WordPress sites, it includes a tool called “Mailhog” to capture all emails that are sent by WordPress.

This is useful when doing debugging so that you aren’t accidentally sending emails to real customers and users of the production site!

For your use case though, since you want to reset the password for your WordPress user, you can follow the steps outlined in this forum post:

Let us know if you need anything else, otherwise, have a great day!

thanks for your reply,
but it doesn’t work.
For method A : when I get to MailHog. A page comes up with something that looks like the page I should have but doesn’t stick around, it quickly becomes a blank page. And MailHog is disconnected, unable to stay connected.

For method B I arrive on the dos window and when I enter the formula: C: \ Users \ didie> wp user create myriam_elementor --role = administrator
here is the error message I get: Error: This does not seem to be a WordPress installation.
Pass --path = path / to / wordpress or run wp core download.
knowing that wordpress is installed on d: sitemyriamelementor / app / public.


That’s definitely odd @BALSE

I know that there was a bug with Mailhog in an older version of Local, What version of Local is currently installed? You might double check that the latest version is installed by manually downloading the most recent version here in the forums:

It’s also odd that the terminal isn’t showing that this is a WordPress site. Can you take a screenshot of your terminal session for us to take a look at?

This is the last version “5.6.8”
I don’t understand what is it “terminal session” ?

Sorry about not being more clear, a “terminal session” is the window that came up after clicking “Open Site Shell” while working on “Method B”.

Can you take a screenshot of that window so that I can see the full context of the error?

Did you ever figure this out? Same thing is happening to me and for the life of me I cannot get a reset pw email to come through…not in spam, junk, clutter or inbox!

Hey @wcervera – Welcome to the forums!

Did you take a look at the linked forum post:

Because Local is a development tool, it uses a piece of software called “Mailhog” to capture all emails and prevent them from being sent. Because of this, you’ll need to take a look at Mailhog itself to see those emails. You can access Mailhog from under the “Utilities” tab within Local.

Thank you Mr ben.turner.

Sorry for my late reply but I did not receive an email or notification informing me that you had replied.

As I could not find the password with all the manipulations you asked me to do.

I deleted the local site? And I created a new one.

Best regards

Sounds good @BALSE – let us know if you run into this issue again or need any additional help getting things working!

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