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Add connection to Kinsta


In latest update (5.2.1) you guys added support for connecting to WP Engine. That is awesome!

Can you please add connection to Kinsta as well?

I second the request for Kinsta. It would be much appreciated by me and my team


Connection to Kinsta would be Awesome!


Yes, please to Kinsta. I have more and more clients using Kinsta and I do not like DevKinsta at all. I’d much rather use Local.

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Any chance this could happen?

I created an account just to upvote this! Pretty please? :slight_smile:

+1 :rocket: for Kinsta support! :zap:

+1 for Kinsta as well! Created an account just for this!

+1 for Kinsta

+1 :rocket: for Kinsta support! :zap:

After trying Kinsta’s own DevKinsta Flywhell-like tool/app, and failing to make it work, I turned to Local by Flywheel, and - it would be so nice if the connection to Kinsta would be added.
So +1 for Kinsta support.

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I would like to Kinsta to

I also created an account just to vote +1 for Kinsta, please!

Kinsta now has DevKinsta. Is this still suggestion still relevant?

I would say it is still very relevant. Local moved away from docker base to a much nimbler and less weighty setup. In terms of server speed and setup speed it is way way way ahead of DevKinsta. …So… Kinsta connection would be very welcome.

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I agree, I would very much like a connector to Kinsta. DevKinsta software is not great and it is really difficult to even get it working. Being able to use Local instead of DevKinsta would be a life saver.