Connect to WPMU DEV

Please, enable connection to WPMU DEV hosting.

Yes please.

Yes please!

Yes please!

Can you provide a little more information about the hosting provider? This helps the community to get a better idea of what it takes to create a Connect integration for the hosting provider.

Hosting Provider Details:

  • Name (ie WP Engine)
  • URL (ie
  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. For example:
    • Is it a traditional VPS or LAMP stack?
    • Is it containerized (Docker/k8s)?
    • Any sort of infrastructure fine-tuning - Caching? Custom Search (like Elasticsearch)? etc.
  • Describe how you currently deploy a site from Local to the remote host.

Hi, I don’t work for WPMUDEV but I’m a loyal customer & love their work.

This is what I know so far, but I will also update the thread I started on the board at the WPMUDEV community.

  • VPS Droplets on Digital Ocean
  • FastCGI
  • I’m currently exporting & importing using AOI Migration plugin

Yes please

Yes, please :slight_smile:

Hi Ben, sorry it’s taken so long, here are the details from WPMUDEV hosting to see if they can be integrated with LocalWP:

  • It’s a Digital Ocean droplet (basically VPS) on a LEMP stack.
  • No, its not K8 or Docker
  • NGINX fastcgi cache
  • WPMUDEV does not use Elastic search or anything

Site deployment can be virtually any method. They offer their own plugin (Shipper) but also FTP migration, or any form of package migration.

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I agree! I run multi-site instances of Wordpress and though they do have a plugin for uploading (My sites are large), directly uploading from my Local would be fabulous!

Yes please!!! This would be a great help! I don’t use Flywheel for hosting due to too many issues that I kept running into, but I do use WPMUDEV every single day and love them very much as a host.

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+1 for this. It’s a good idea.

This would be absolutely amazing. Does anyone know if there is any progress on this?

This would be awesome. I just finished migrating my websites from WP Engine to WPMU Dev. I used Local for all of my development on WP Engine and would love to do the same on WPMU Dev. It is the easiest way I have ever used to get a local Wordpress development environment.

YESSSS please! This would be amazing.

Yep. Please make this happen!

+1 I would also love to see this!

Howdy all! I am sharing this response from another thread regarding the expansion of Local Connect to other hosts just for more insight.