Admin E-Mail during Site Setup

Howdy! I just found Local this morning and I’m psyched to try it!

I’ve installed Local and I’m creating my first site, but I have question about the Site Setup. there’s a field labeled “Admin E-Mail” (seriously, who uses a hyphen in the word “email” these days?!) that’s prefilled with “dev-email@flywheel.local”. Is there some sort of sorcery that requires me to leave that particular address, or should I just replace it with my own?

Hey Kevin,

You can replace it with whatever you want. It’s simply pre-populated with a dummy e-mail since WordPress requires it.

Cool. Thanks for the ultra-quick reply!

BTW, is there any documentation for Local?

Hey Kevin,

We have some basic documentation in the FAQ section of this forum, but if there is specific stuff you’d like to see, just let us know and we can work on it.


I think a basic “Get Started” guide might help. Doesn’t have to be too fancy or in-depth, just something that explains some of the choices, etc.


For example, I was unaware of what Mailcatcher is. I have now figured it out, but either a Get Started guide or a “Click here if you’re new to Local so we can teach you what you need to know to get started” button (maybe with less words) would have been handy.


In terms of getting started check this out:

This is perfect, thanks!