Setting Up Admin Email

How do I set up my multisite email. As an admin it is currently: Do I keep it this way and on each new subsite or do I put my correct email? Not sure how this effects development mode for future transfer to flywheel?

Hey Carol, how are you doing?

It depends if you will need something from it. In the development process, it doesn’t change anything, but on the live site you will need this e-mail for two important functionalities:

  • Receiving e-mail notifications from your site
  • Reseting your password if you lost it for some reason

Personally I recommend you to change it, you can do that on the “Users” tab on Wordpress, select your user and edit it with the correct e-mail.
Hope it helps!

Hi Atempel, Thank you for getting back to me. I tried to edit it as you recommended but it won’t let until it can send an email for verification. Doesn’t seem to work on this local site. I don’t receive an email. I was curious if this was intended to make it a smoother transition when I upload the site but from your comment I see I should have changed it right away. Again, I appreciate your help. Carol

Ah! You’re right, I forgot about that.

Local uses a mail catcher, so every e-mail sent by Wordpress inside Local falls into this service.
You can access it from the Local app, clicking on the “Utilities” tab and opening Mailhog

That way you can access the e-mail sent by Wordpress and verify your e-mail. :smiley:
If you need any further help, I’ll be here!

Hi Alexandre, Good to know this. I’ll give it a try. HOWEVER…I’m having a much bigger issue. I’ve had my ‘plea for help’ up in the support section for a couple of days now but no one has responded. I’m not sure if you have any advice. I’m pretty stuck. Can’t and don’t want to do anything more until I can solve this. Would hate to put a lot more work into building a site to find out there is a major problem. This is what’s happening:

  1. I created a multisite/subsite installation adding 7 sub domains. I have 4 plugins installed and one high quality paid for theme.
  2. Building one at a time. The first four seem to work perfectly. When I try to open number 5 the browser freezes then I get a white screen. I cannot access the front or backend.
  3. I’ve deactivated the 4 plugins and theme, still nothing.
  4. I deleted the sites that won’t open and created a new sub domain, still won’t open.
  5. I created a new multisite installation and added 3 sub domains to see if the problem pops up again and it does. I can open site number 1 but not sub domains 2 & 3.

The crazy thing is on the first multisite, the primary and three subdomains work fine.

I need a multisite with 7 sub domains. I’m not sure what to do. I’ve read everything I could find online but still haven’t been able to find a solution. Do you have any thoughts? Carol

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Hey Carol!

Of course, I can answer you there! So we keep things wrapped up :wink:

Hello Atempel, I follow your instruction to change an admin e-mail in WP on Local but it didn’t change. I opened Mailhog and open the e-mail there, click the link, changed the admin e-mail but the e-mail haven’t changed. What do I need to do next? PLEASE HELP!
Anastasia Johnson

@Anastasia108 This would need more information for people to be able to help. I suggest you open a new post, asking for help with more information about what happens when you try to change the e-mail.
Take care!