AdminerEvo stop working after update to Version 9.0.4+6699 and 9.0.5+6706 on Macos Big Sur 11.7.10

Bug Summary

AdminerEvo stop working after update to Version 9.0.4+6699 on Macos Bigsur
Browser can’t connect to localhost:10116 Screenshot by Lightshot
Now i updated to Version 9.0.5+6706 and have the same situation

Steps to reproduce

Start any site (new or old), click to Open AdminerEvo Screenshot by Lightshot and see this page Screenshot by Lightshot

Environment Info

  • Macos Big Sure 11.7.10
  • Any version of PHP, Apache or Nginx, mysql 8.0.16
  • Local 9.0.4+6699, 9.0.5+6706

Supporting info

Please provide your Local Log. See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:
local-lightning-verbose.log (667.6 KB)


Hi @petrJay

Could you try downgrading below 9.0.4 if that is where the problem started and see if that resolves the issue?

Hi @Nick-B
I just downloaded Version 9.0.3+6684 and it work fine
In 9.0.4 and 9.0.5 adminner does’t work
I also ask my friend to check 9.04 on Windows. He hasn’t problem

Okay glad to hear it’s working again on that version! Could you share your full log here so that I can review and pass along to the devs if needed? There are some different ways to access and share Local Logs. For us to be able to troubleshoot thoroughly, please click the Download Local Logs button from the Support tab in Local. This will generate a zip archive that contains the Local log along with some other diagnostic information to help quickly zero in on any issues that Local is encountering.

No problem. I will update it again to 9.0.5 after a couple of hours and will attach log file here.
Thanks for so quick reply

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Sounds good @petrJay Keep us posted and we’d be happy to help further!

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