After upgrade (2.0.2 MAC) Local Doesn't initialize


I just made the upgrade to 2.0.2 but they don’t start. Stay all time in “STARTING LOCAL MACHINE”!

I download again and put in my Application folders but the problems persists! I restarted, made everything, and nothing works!

I only didn’t uninstall because I have 3 websites in development and I don’t know if I will lost if uninstall and re-install!

Someone can help me?


Hi @educarreirowp,

Can you please provide your log file? You can find it by going to Help » Reveal Local’s Log

local-by-flywheel.log (618.1 KB)

Please try the following:

  1. Quit Local if it’s running
  2. Open /Applications/
  3. Right-click on local-by-flywheel and go to “Reset”
  4. Re-open Local

The option RESET is not enabled!

One more thing you can try is going to Help » Restart Local’s Machine.

Sorry for the trouble!


Attached the newer version of log filelocal-by-flywheel.log (623.6 KB)

Right. Same problem here. Local machine is in the state of perpetual boot. There goes my another day.

Update: Did a ‘headless’ start on virtualbox after quitting local and then it took two unsuccessful starts before it booted up. Running fine now.

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Thanks. Headless start works for me too.

Same, reseting Virtual Box did it for me aswell. Thanks guys :wink:

Lifesaver @TheBigk, thx “headless” start & 2 startup fails, everything fine now.

I’m having exactly the same issues described here. ‘Headless start’ works for me too currently.

I’m having issues after re-start, and I’m bricking it that I’m going to loose my sites!!! what do you guys mean by headless start?

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I’m on a Mac, how can I find this? Thanks for your help by the way.

Sorry found this now

Hi, I’ve had the same problem but couldn’t get it resolved, I have now reverted back to 2.0.1…

Thank you @MarkC it’s worked for me and seems to load lightning quick now!? It had started to get very slow for some reason?

Downside for me is, i have to do this every time (headless start) from now on, Local won’t startup normally,

Hi all,

Thanks for the investigation! I haven’t seen this happen before.

Do you all know what version of VirtualBox you’re on?