All-in-one migration

After I complete the migration from a site to a local site using all-in-one migration, the site is unresponsive. It eventually times out with an error that it is not responsive. Same issue in Chrome & Safari. Neither the front page nor the admin login page respond. There are no errors with the migration. Any ideas on what is happening?

I also restarted the site and the local machine, cleared browser cache, etc. Not helping.

I also did a MySQL dump from the existing site, changed all references to the local website URL in the SQL file then ran the query to update the database with Sequel Pro…the outcome is the same, site won’t respond afterwards to the login page or front page.

I also disabled all plugins and the custom WP theme I am using. I confirmed the wp-config file was untouched and still refers to the local instance. Any ideas on why it hangs and won’t respond?