Problem with migration site. Please help me : (

Hi everyone, I’m really really not good with data processing but I wanted to test Local and made a site (or a simple site should I say), I installed Local and followed some tutorials to make a local site.

After this, I migrated my site (I think it means that I make a “real site” that anyone can access?) with “All in One WP Migration”. But when I click on my migrated site ( all I see is “This site can’t be reached. Server DNS Adress could not be found”…

What does it means? Did I failed something? How can I fix this? I really need to have this site to be functionnal…

Thanks for reading.

I think the error occured because of the need to point your nameservers domain to the live server of where you would want to publish your site.

By the way, where did you migrated your site if I may ask? What server or hosting company? If you figured it out, then you can ask to them a further help with migrating. Most company offer this for free.

Cyril, is it YOUR domain name ? :astonished: