Announced releases and automatic updates

When a release is announced here how long will it take for an automatic update to occur. I don’t see any method within the LbF app to check for updates.

FYI wp-cli v1.1.0 has been released.
Still hoping for PHP 7.1 and possibly more updated version of 7.0.x

We’re still ironing out the release process but we’ll probably shoot for releasing it a day after releasing it here.

I’ll make sure WP-CLI 1.1.0 is in 1.4.3!

Regarding PHP 7.1, we 100% plan on adding the ability to download additional PHP versions. My guess is you’ll see this feature within 2 months.

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That’s great! Thanks Clay

Sorry to jump in here, but it seems the most appropriate!
I see the changelog for 1.4.2 mentioning changes in both WIndows and Mac, but there is no obvious Windows download?
TIA, Dave

I am running Local By Flywheel, 1.4.1 however, I see 1.4.2 is available (downloading now), but I am wondering if I should see somewhere in my install that an update is available?

See here:

Thanks for the info Dave, I have successfully upgraded to 1.4.2, now I am hoping in some release shortly I will see that an update is available within the product.

Thanks again!


Sure, but at this stage I think it is not a trivial task to auto update a program that has so many parts - and manual updating is very easy!
I’m just waiting for the download link for the the WIndows version :frowning:

I just had to manually update for Local 1.4.2 as I never received an update notice from the app. I was running 1.4.1

I wish there was a “check for updates” option… I think 2.2.0 is out but I can only get the update by filling out the form on the Local website.

@scottbuscemi there’s a Check for Updates option on version 2.2.1.

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