Another (?) variation of "no associated route in Local"

Hi, folks. This problem is noted in a few other threads, but I have a variation. The problem is drawing a 404 page when trying to bring up a site in a browser.

404 The site you requested does not have an associated route in Local

My variation is, I have never (yet) had any problems accessing a site from the machine where Local is installed .

When I try from another machine on my LAN, I have never (yet) had any success accessing the site. I always get the 404 page. It seems to get to the right place, but something blocks access at the last moment. I want to work on my site on my iPad at the other end of the house.

The logs are mostly empty.

Local (5.6.3) on MacOS (10.15.5) with firewall OFF; simple LAN 10.0.101.* behind an AirPort Extreme router.

Progress!! On another LAN machine running Linux, I modified /etc/hosts similarly to Local’s changes on my Mac. mytestsite.local www.mytestsite.local

On the Mac, the IP address is, of course. This works, but only on the Linux box. So …

  1. How do I set up my iPad which, so far as I know, doesn’t have the equivalent of /etc/hosts?
  2. Better yet, how do I set up the Local machine to do the right thing for everyone on my LAN?

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