Backup download problem

Hello, since I fixed the problem with local to re-access my sites, I can no longer download my site backups on my computer.
When I edit my site, I can no longer make a backup as well. This is valid for all my sites.
I am using macos mojave, the local version is 6.1.8 + 5621.
Screenshot 2021-12-17_11-22-00-197
Local log: (617.2 KB)

Can you describe in a little more detail how these backups are being made? Are you seeing any specific error when making the backup?

To make a backup (to upload the site elsewhere for example), I use a plugin, this one did not work, I installed another plugin and the other one also did not work. As for backing up my site when I make edits, that doesn’t work either. I put screenshots so that you can see what appears.
Screenshot 2021-12-18_09-26-59-031
Screenshot 2021-12-18_09-26-33-254

This seems like an issue that’s more specific to the various backup plugins that are being used.

You might reach out to the authors of those backup plugins to see if they have any guidance for using their tool within a development environment like Local.

I totally understand but no backup pugin works. It used to work very well. I can no longer do anything on my sites.

I don’t know if you call back but I contacted support last week because I did not have access to my sites, you found a solution, I had re-accessed my sites but after that I had all of the above problems.

You mentioned in the other topic:

That this all started with an update to Mojave. I wonder if something became corrupted in the upgrade process?

You might try backing up each site in Local by right-clicking it and selecting “Export”. This will give you a zip of each site. From there, try completely uninstalling Local by following the steps in this help doc:

Once that’s done, re-install Local and import the backups you made by dragging and dropping the zip files onto Local.

I have exported all the sites, I wanted to know if we should also export the database of each site?
And there is no risk that the sites will be broken while exporting it?

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