Best practices for regular push/pull from/to server

I’m still fairly new to using Local, so I’m curious what others’ daily usage looks like. Let’s say that on a given day you are making updates to 3-5 websites from WP Engine. At the start of the day, do you pull a copy from each of the sites on WP Engine right away?

I’m finding that pulling takes so much time (15+ minutes) to pull a fresh copy that it seems like I may need to plan ahead. Is there any way to have it be more efficient? Like, can it check to see if the server (or Git) version is more recent and only pull down files that are newer?

When finished, do you typically push up the full site? Or just the files you’ve updated?

Looking for recommendations / best practices. Thanks!

Hi @relish27!

15+ minutes does seem like a big chunk of time. How large are the sites you’re working with? Do any of them have big media libraries or overly large databases? Or does it still take this long even if you’re just pulling a lightweight site?

Some sites do have large media libraries. All of the sites are hosted on WP Engine and have the 10G storage limit, so they are at least less than that. I do know that I can just pull subsets of the full site, but if I want a fresh copy, then it seems I need to pull the full thing.

What should be the typical speed?

Hey there,
Here is how I sometimes handle updates:
Use tools like WP-CLI or scripts to pull updates efficiently.
Only grab changed files using version control like Git.
Push only modified files to speed up the process.
Schedule syncs for quieter times to avoid slowdowns.
Try these it might help you too.


For sites that large as an alternative to pulling also you might find it works faster to just download backup and direct import that into Local.

@benjamin1 has some good tips. If you’re interested in using Git with Local we have a guide for getting started here:


Thank so much – I hope to start integrating all of the above into my processes. Appreciate knowing that this is a good way to do it.

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If you find a workflow that you really like @relish27 feel free to come back and share your steps for others who mind find them useful :slight_smile: