Update an existing site in Local with a backup

Is there any way to update an existing site in Local via a backup file?

I have a 30+GB site that won’t pull properly from WPengine (Local appears to crash when I try). But I don’t want to create an all new folder as I already have Git and other items all set up.

How can this be done?

Hi @DavidG! While we don’t have a hard limit on the size of a site that can be pulled down to Local, sites that are 5GB or larger can occasionally struggle due to some timeout limitations. Things like network speed can play a part but there are a number of variables that affect this.

You’ll definitely need to get a backup file downloaded which you can directly import to Local as a workaround to get it running.

Thanks @Nick-B

I had already seen that but I don’t believe it addresses my question.

I understand how import a “new” site into Local. But I am trying to “update” an existing Local site, similar to doing a pull from the server, but with a backup .zip instead.

I’ve tried the solution you mention, but again, it creates an all new site within Local and that’s not what I’m trying to do. I have an existing site in Local with Git etc. and I simply want to update that particular Local site with a backup .zip.

How can I do that? Or does that document explain how and I’m just missing it?

Hey @DavidG - thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately in this scenario, the process will be a bit more manual as you’ll have to transfer over the specific files you want to update from your locally saved backup. The only other option would be reducing what you’re trying to pull down from WPE via Connect to a suitable size.

Thanks @Nick-B

To make sure I understand, for the files I would simply unzip the backup and copy/paste over everything in /wp-content/, correct?

How would I update the database, and in doing so, make sure the domain is updated as well?

Hi @DavidG - that’s correct if you need to copy over everything from /wp-content you can copy that over. As far as the database, domain, etc on you Local site you can open a site shell underneath the site name and use it to utilize WB CLI commands for managing the database or running search and replaces. You can also click on Database > Open Adminer to manage the database with import/export/viewing tables. Image 2022-10-05 at 2.41.53 PM

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