Best way to backup and restore locally?

Hello Flywheel Local users,

Doing a lot of incremental work on a local site and twice I have added something that just broke everything. I have had to delete the site and start over. There has to be a better way by backing up and restoring before I make structural changes or install new plug-ins.

Would you please let me know what the best workflow would be with Local?

Thank you for your suggestions.

Best regards


Hi Chris ,

Our workflow is we have a folder called local backups. We export the site to that folder manually by rightclick on the site and export. Folder is also in icloud so i can easly import on other pcs or mac. The latest 2.3.0 works very well for me both windows and mac as older version gave me export errors sometimes.

If you have any question let me know :slight_smile:

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