Best workflow for image optimization

I am new to Local and to the Image Optimization Add-on. I’ve pulled down a production site and ran the image optimization add-on. I’m wondering now what is the best way to move these images back to the production site?
Do I just FTP the folder? Will images be replaced or renamed? Or is there a better way?

Hi @gchalk

If you host with WP Engine or Flywheel you can utilize the Local Connect feature. Otherwise, we recommend the plugin WP Migrate!

These aren’t the only solutions of course, you might check around the forums as there are a lot of other plugins or more manual methods available if something else better suits your workflow.

Hi Nick-B,
Thanks for the quick response. I do use WP Engine for hosting. I see now that all the images will be pushed. Thanks!
I just assumed that they wouldn’t be, since they aren’t code I thought they’d be ignored.
Thanks for your help!
Best regards,

Hi Nick-B,
I’m just adding this comment as a warning to others. There were 4 images that I know of that were added to the site, between when I pulled the site and when I pushed it back up (after optimization). Those four images are now gone (broken images). I didn’t push the database, so the production database thinks they are there but the images are no longer in the file system.
It appears that the entire folder was overwritten, instead of the individual files being uploaded. Is that correct?

It depends on what you selected/deselected for your push to WPE.

For more detail on how to utilize the MagicSync feature for pushing and what gets included, you can check out our help article here:

I hope that helps! But if you have any further questions or issues let us know.