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'Connect' placeholder images are broken on WP Engine

Hi, new user here. After installing Local on Windows and connecting to WPE, I’ve got some broken images/icons next to the sites on the connect page:

Those images are hosted on the app.getflywheel.com – I wonder if the system is blocking access to those files?

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I’m guessing that you’ve only connected to WPE – is that correct? I wonder if we’ve never encountered this because many of us also connect to Flywheel in addition to WPE.

Hi, thanks for the quick response! Yes, I am only connected to WPE. Any idea how I might go about unblocking those? I appreciate it’s only cosmetic - but I’ve had a real nightmare getting Local working on Windows 10, so was curious whether this was related…

Edit - FYI, I’ve tried this on a clean install in sandbox and the error still occurs. As for the other issues, I’ll start a new thread for those!

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I’m going to try replicating on my windows machine, but it’s been a while since I’ve turned it on and MS wants to update things :skull:

Thanks again for reporting this! I’ve replicated it on my end and will write up a bug report for our devs to take a look at!

Apologies for the late reply. This is brilliant, thanks very much for your help - much appreciated! I’m still having several issues with Local on Windows 10. I can pull sites successfully - but only when the app and site are both on my system drive, and the app is run as administrator. Then I can push databases, but not files… I’ll start another thread for these, but thought I’d give you a heads up!


That sounds really odd. I’m curious to learn more because I’ve never been required to run Local as an admin in order to get things done.

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