Best workflow to take the dev site on the road?

Most of the time I develop on my desktop PC. Occasionally, I might wanna continue on my laptop at the coffee shop. What is the suggested workflow to take the dev site with me outside of home? I’m assuming it’s going to be just like with DesktopServer --> install Local app on both computers, export the site from Local on PC 1 as a .zip archive, then import into Local on PC 2 ? Do my work and at the end of the day, export, come back to PC 1 DELETE the site and import the updated version? [I’m guessing there is no overwrite/replace/update option?]

Hi @metrosuperstar,

Exporting and importing is the easiest and safest way to do that. I’d recommend saving the export to something like Dropbox to make the move easier to your laptop.

By the way, we plan on having an official way to sync Local sites in the future :smiley:

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Clay, thanks for the reply - I’ve very excited about using Local instead of DesktopServer because so far I do find it much superior. Back to the topic of workflow - say I am importing back “” onto PC1 after working on it on PC2: will Local be smart enough to replace the current that it will find to be of the same name, or do you advise I import it back under a different name like “”, then delete the original, and then rename the back to its original name (which is now available)?

As for the planned sync functionality… will that be available in the free version of Local?

Do you know Git? If not, I’d highly recommend learning it - it’s a steep initial learning curve but definitely worth it. It changed my life! Your code resides in a centralised repository on either BitBucket or GitHub, so whichever machine you are working on you push/pull your code without any worries about syncing.

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