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Better Push feature

I have been using Local for a few months now and it is pretty cool. BUT, it could be a lot better for us who are using the Push feature. For most of my other projects I use Git to push my code live.

Here is what can be improved:

  • It takes far too long to generate the file list when Pushing to WPEngine (I assume that is also the case for Flywheel).

  • The file list is super confusing and lists all kinds of files outside of the theme folder that I have to uncheck every time. Also I have no idea what “Will be deleted” means which appears over and over again in the list. Its also a bit scary when Local is telling me that files under wp-admin will be deleted? yikes!

All in all it takes up to a whole minute to do just one push when it should not take more than a few seconds.

To solve this give me a way to ignore files and folders and only show my files in the file list that have changed.

Thank you for a good product.

Hello @andrisig - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

Thank you for your feedback, I will be sure to pass the information along to the team.

Happy building!

Sam :woman_technologist:t3: