I am begging you for a better Local-specific push/pull file ignore method

I use Local with both WPE and Flywheel. (Now the same company, as I understand it.)
Great tool! Makes it worth sticking with these hosts as a dev. But pulling and pushing files to and from the server kind of sucks.

That comes down to two related issues - ignoring files, and waiting for the “magic” list of files to generate. Every single time I want to push a change to the server using Local, I have to wait for the file list, scroll through and uncheck my source and vendor folders, test files, local-dev uploads… all the stuff I never, ever want to push to the server.

I don’t know what mechanism it uses behind the scenes (git? ssh? sftp?), but whatever it is, there has to be a way to add like a .local-ignore file to handle this, right?

And even if “.wpe-pull-ignore” is a viable, working option for WPE, then that still leaves Flywheel in the dark with lesser citizen status.

I know I’m not the only one - I’ve seen several other issues/feature requests related to this, but they just get closed. Devs would use this feature, and I guarantee they’d be excited for it. It would save me (and all of us) time and effort and irritation every single day. Even if it only worked for pushing from local to the server, that would be a huge improvement.

Collected everthing here, let’s vote up to get some attention on it