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Blank page always when page loading (takes couple of seconds)

I have created website with localwp and in certain stage I have transferred it on host site. The page does not have much content so far, just few (small) pictures, couple of posts but the website itself is enormously slow. Every time a click to load a sub/page it takes 3-4 seconds and during this time I can only see the white screen till the page is fully loaded. This is a very strange and so far it never happened to me when was developing the site directly on the hosting. This time I decided to try it first with localwp and then move it on host. Can you please advice what could cause this problem? Thank you.
Best wishes

Hi there, @Moucher - welcome to the Local community! :wave:

To clarify - is the site slow on the host after you migrated it, or is it the Local version that is slow?

If it’s slow on your local machine, can you please let me know your Operating System so I can provide further guidance?

Thank you!


Hi Sammunoz, thanks for your willingness to help me. Actually it behaves identically when I used it on the App LocalWP and also when I migrated it onto the host server. I guess it has something to do with “inherited issue” from this app. I used this App for the very first time, I do not want to judge the App but when I have developed the sites on my hosting server directly, I have never faced this issue before…Thanks.

…but to answer your question re OS and HW - I use Win10 on a laptop is i5, 24GB RAM, 1TB SSD and so it should not be a HW related problem…

…and herewith my localWP settings

Hi Sam,

did I answer your questions? Any recommendations please?

Thank you

Hi @Moucher! We have a performance troubleshooting guide here that should give you some steps to walk through to help address this: Troubleshooting Performance issues in Local - Local

If your site is having problems on the hosting side as well, you might reach out to their support for some guidance as they might actually be able to look at your site features, settings, database, theme, plugins, etc, and see if anything sticks out to them as a culprit. Since these are all things we don’t have line of site on it makes our position a little bit more difficult in offering guidance.