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Blocked at starting local machine

Hello, I’ve just found out about this wonderful possibility to use LOCAL and very eager to start using it. But unfortunately, after installing the application on my pc, it stays blocked at “starting local machine”. I uninstalled and reinstalled LOCAL but still the same problem. can anyone advise me? Can the log-file help the specialists to sort this out? Thanks in advance.


I apologize for the hiccup!

Can you please provide your local-by-flywheel.log file? See
How do I retrieve Local’s log file?” for instructions on how to do so.

Hello Clay

I have attached the logfile. I hope you can solve my problem. Thanks in advance for looking into it!

Best regards


local-by-flywheel.log (18.2 KB)


Sorry for the delay getting back to you!

Thanks for sending the log. Can you also provide the following file? C:\Users\Veerle\.docker\machine\machines\local-by-flywheel\local-by-flywheel\Logs\VBoxHardening.log