Bulk export and Import website in LBFWheel

Hi everyone :wave:t3:
I migrate my laptop and I would like migrate all website in my LBFWheel in my new laptop.
I can only export website One by One, and not a bulk import … It’s same fort import : I can only import website One by One, it’s realy slow … I’ve a lot of website.

Have you a solution ? Can I copy/paste the folder in my new laptop ?

Thanks in advance ! :smiley:

No answer ?

Hey @soso

There isn’t a way to bulk export or import sites into Local – you’ll have to manually export each one individually.

The closest thing you could try is if a site has been stopped, the database has been dumped. You can then try zipping up each classic site into its own zip file and then import each of those zips into Lightning.

Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction!

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Hi @ben.turner :wave:

Sorry, with the different timzone, I answer a little late.

If I’ve understand, I do :

  1. Export my website (or zip my website in my folder “Local sites”)
  2. Paste and unzip my website.zip in my new laptop (in my local folder of LBFWheel)

Only that ? :thinking:

My last idiot question … Why don’t add a features able to import and export in bulk ? How difficult is, with the developers, to develop this features ? Is technics ? Or time ? Or the two in same time ?

Why don’t share a simple script with Python, for exemple, to test with a large public another last features ?

Hey @soso

Instead of this, you’ll need to drag and drop the zip onto Local on the new machine. The reason that you can’t just copy the folders to the new machine is that each site needs to be created and the database needs to be imported for each site. In addition to this, the various networking rules for how to reach the site need to be created too.

Yeah, there’s a considerable amount of effort to complete this for something that isn’t used by that many users.

If it is a really important feature for you, you can always create a feature request and help get it upvoted:


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