Importing/Restoring from Local Site files following Laptop Crash


I’m trying to restore my local website onto a different machine following my laptop crashing (blue screen of death). I was unfortunatley unable to export my site and did not have a back-up copy but have managed to extract my saved local flywheel folders (App, Conf & Logs).

I have been advised to zip the above 3 folders into 1 file and drag+drop via ‘import site’; having done this I get the following errors …

image flywheel_error_2

I’m afraid I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘techie’ so am hoping for some help that I can follow to get things up and running again.

Any help would be greatly received. Thank you.

Hey @MimiUK

It sounds like this is the first time that you’re using Local on a new computer – is that correct?

If so, then the first thing to verify is that you are able to create a new, plain WordPress site with Local by clicking the “plus” button in the lower left corner of Local.

If you can create new WordPress sites, then try re-importing the zip file and see if you get other errors.

After trying those things, please attach the Local Log so we can see what problems Local is running into. See this Community Forum post for instructions on how to do so:

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